About Us - FotoYeti

Amy Baker and Justin Curry

We are a married couple living in Normal, Illinois with a passion for lifestyle photography. We have been building our portfolio over the past few years, taking pictures of every friend, family member, and pet we could manage to get in front of our cameras. Launching www.fotoyeti.org (named after our beloved pet, Yeti) is a dream come true for both of us, and we are excited to share our love of photography with our community.  While this is not our main gig, we enjoy donating time to local event coverage and not for profit organizations.  Ask us about covering your next event!

Our Style

Amy and I capture images in a raw color format. After our shoot, we handpick the final images from the session and upload them to a draft gallery for you to select your favorites.  We typically allow a maximum of 20 for an hour session.  We then work with the selections to bring them to their full potential, removing distracting objects, compositing, crop and provide color enhancement.  Removal of blemishes, modest skin smoothing and teeth whitening is provided for portrait sessions.  We prefer to remain as true to you and the scenes to make the photos as timeless as possible.

These final images are then presented to you in a stunning web gallery for you to share view or download.